Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Design and production of the C14 MRSWS system for the Canadian Forces (regular).
  • Design and production of the folding stock Timberwolf HH system for Special Forces applications.
  • Design and production of weapons suppressors for the Canadian Forces.
  • Production and delivery of training packages for snipers and technicians in Canada, the United States and overseas.
  • Design and production of the M40 accessory rail for the United States Marine Corps sniper rifle fleet.
  • Design and production of sniper weapons for various overseas clients.
  • Production of non-standard weapons suppression systems for a variety of eligible clients.
  • Supply of weapons systems to numerous local and national police agencies.
  • Ammunition research projects with various Military agencies.
  • Design of numerous night vision mounting systems for a variety of weapons.
  • Participation within numerous formal Military trials worldwide.


  • 10000 sq. ft. facility.
  • State of the art production CNC equipment including 5 CNC Machines 4 axis machining centers, 2 CNC lathes, 1 CNC 3 axis machining center, 1 Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine.
  • Standard machine shop equipment.
  • Metal finishing equipment

Primary Products:

  • Timberwolf 338 Lapua (other calibers available).
  • Timberwolf 338 Lapua folding stock (other calibers available).
  • Coyote 7.62 (other calibers available).
  • Titanium weapons suppressors.
  • Stainless weapons suppressors.
  • Optical mounting solutions for day and night sights.